Tomorrow's Headless Drupal... TODAY!

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Pacific Ballroom C

Headless Drupal has become one of the big, sexy buzzwords around the development and release of Drupal 8. Since it will function as a REST Server, D8 promises to disaggregate Drupal's awesome content-modeling and -editing interface from the display layer. Everyone is really excited about this.

But you don't have to wait until Drupal 8 to reap the benefits of Headless Web Development.

You can build sites TODAY with all the advantages of headless web development -- fast iteration, decoupled "service"-style architecture, performance improvements, fancy async goodness with Backbone or AngularJS -- in Drupal 7 or even (gasp!) Drupal 6. This session will provide an introduction as to HOW. We'll cover:

  • Basics of how to set up a front-end project (check out this session for more depth)
  • Why you don't have to build a custom API (but you can!)
  • Some basics about authentication
  • and more…

…and I'll end with some tear-downs and demos of real-life "headless" web-apps that I've built on top of Drupal, possibly including some exciting pre-release work on Drupal 7.

Let's lose our heads!

This session assumes you know some basics of Drupal site-building and theming, but don't let that scare you -- a lot of the information will be conceptual and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Code and Development
One hour