NEW Cloud Lightning for Drupal

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Doheny Beach CD

The DrupalCamp LA site is hosted on Acquia Cloud.

I'll be presenting a new open source project Cloud Lightning, which is a quick set of settings.php tweaks for Drupal in the Cloud. For this presentation I'll introduce the project, how easy it is to use, and how it brings best practices and tips for Developers & Administrators who are deploying Drupal in the Cloud, in particular those using or considering Acquia Cloud hosting (get a Acquia Cloud development server for free). This session will be heavy on Acquia Cloud, of course, but is still valuable to those who are deploying Drupal, especially more than one site, to Drupal-friendly Cloud providers.

What will be covered:

  • Coverage of the new open source project Cloud Lightning for Drupal. Easy cloud tweaks for your `settings.php` files!
  • Drupal site setup, deployment, and maintenance best practices when using Acquia Cloud hosting.
  • How Acquia Cloud is different and easier to setup and run Drupal than traditional hosting solutions, including easy Drupal Multi-site support.
  • Easy killer Settings.php tweaks for Performance, Per-server environment settings, and Security.
  • Easy caching integration and control: Varnish, Memcache, Redis, APC, OPcache, and more.
  • Must-see modern site insight reports and monitoring tools.
  • Extras: Network Tools, Automation, Drush support, Acquia Cloud API

Will this session be recorded? Yes, all sessions are scheduled to be recorded and available freely online. See our free video channel and archives to learn more web development techniques before and after the camp.

NOTE: Drupal related community related sites are offered additional free hosting on Acquia Cloud.

15-20 minutes