How I Built (Site Demo & Teardown)

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at
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This session will be about how I used Drupal to build my startup company, ("mediography by your favorite artist"), which is an embeddable media rating platform that currently supports discographies for musicians (bibliographies for authors & filmographies for actors are coming soon).

I'll talk about over 150 modules used to build the initial MVP (minimum viable product) as well as some secrets that I learned during the past 3 years to become a master sitebuilder. I intend to build on & continue this presentation every year as the site progresses. It has already been vastly improved ever since I gave an initial presentation at SANDcamp 2014, and here are a couple of pages that showcase the main secret sauce of the website: - The website serves as a central media rating platform. - These ratings can then be embedded on any website.

And here is the link to detailed topics that I will cover:

Site Building
One hour