Continuous Testing - Taking "the suck" out of the project cycle

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Doheny Beach A

There's been a great deal of movement over the past years to add unit testing to the core of our favorite CMS systems (e.g. Drupal, WordPress), but unit tests have limited value when it comes to building a specific website. However, the value of testing cannot be denied, and a whole new class of tools are emerging around Behavioral Testing that promise to deliver much much more value to professionals who build websites for a living.

In this session we'll review tools to get you up and running with a continuous testing system quickly, as well as what kind of testing to implement for your next project:

  • Test runners like DIY Jenkins, Travis, Circle, Wercker
  • Techniques for testing: bhat, selenium, visual diff
  • Processes: continous integration, testing, even deployment

This session will give anyone supporting a development team practical next-steps to improve their productivity and reduce stress and friction.

One hour


Hey Josh, I can help present if you like. I have a related session also proposed called 'Achieving Continuous Testing / Integration / Deployment / Workflow - using Jenkins'. I think the two sessions nicely complement each other.
Email me at btmash at gmail dot com.