Communications: Man vs. Machine

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Doheny Beach CD

Clear communication is fundamental to every process in life -- and in business, it is the ESSENTIAL ingredient for making sure all parties involved are happy, and that we are able to run a business at a profit with each project. There are many fundamentals of the communication process which are irreducible; focusing on them helps us gain clarity of communication both inside and outside of our organization. Personally, I am often more comfortable communicating with the computer, because the code is either correct or incorrect, and the results match this -- I can always find the mistake, and fix it easily. With other human beings, this is not as easily done.

For this session, I am going to take you on a quick tour of the communication process to show you where it breaks down and how. I'm going to show you a model for the process of conflict, and how to deal with it. These are the skills to keep in mind while growing your company, dealing with employees and clients alike. These surprisingly simple tools are NOT abstract, they can be learned quickly and easily, and put into practice almost immediately. Once you see these basic models, and then try to see them at work in the world around you, it is astounding how much more clearly you will see the communication process, and even the process of conflict as well.

This session is for anyone whom is interested in improving their work relationships for better business and better projects. This is not about how to communicate on the web, or how to get your message across a website to a viewer; rather it is about dealing with work mates and clients to help create websites with far less pain, fare greater outcomes, and more consistent referrals for personal and professional growth. "Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced", doesn't matter, these skills can be learned and used at any level, and have value at ALL levels of business.

Business and Strategy
One hour