Pick your sessions now

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.

DrupalCamp LA 2014 is coming up in less than a month, on the weekend of September 6-7, 2014, so please take a few minutes and do a few things now:

  • Register for camp
  • Pick your sessions
  • Volunteer to help

Register for camp

If you've registered already, thanks! If not, or if you have friends and colleagues who still need to register for DrupalCamp LA, please encourage them to do so now. We need an accurate headcount to ensure we have enough space for everyone.

Pick your sessions

Just like BarCamp, our sessions are proposed by community volunteers. The official schedule will be based on the sessions chosen by members attending the camp! In other words, YOUR camp will be ~15hrs of sessions chosen by YOU. Pick ONLY the sessions you plan to attend when compiling your own ultimate schedule. Please pick up to 15 sessions (or 6-8 sessions if you are attending one day only). See something you like? Add it to your schedule! What if a session doesn't make it? Don't worry... we'll have lots of room for BoF's too!

New for 2014 with the support of the premier Southern California PHP communities of Los Angeles PHP, Orange County PHP, San Diego PHP along with the support and promotional backing of PHP Women, we are pleased to bring you a PHP Mini-Camp within DrupalCamp LA. Be sure to check out the PHP sessions.

Volunteer to help

  • work an hour or two at the information/registration/help desk
  • bring a case of water (bottles)
  • bring some snacks
  • help with 8:00am setup
  • help with evening cleanup

DrupalCamp LA is a free event and entirely volunteer run (and no, this is not our day job); we expect active participation from everyone when it comes to running the conference. This is as simple as picking up after yourself or actively fixing something if you see it's broken, but please feel welcome to take an active role in making this a great event.

Let us know how you can help. Go to your User page, click on the Edit tab, click on Main Profile, scroll down to the Volunteering section, and check the boxes for how you can help, then click on Save. More info will be available at the Information Desk on the day of the camp.

We have special needs for Set Up on Early Saturday morning, and Clean Up Late Sunday night (starting after the last session). If you come early and want to help, then let us know. We will keep you busy.

If you have Audio/Visual (AV) skills, each room needs the Speaker's microphone and projector checked out each morning, and first time speakers may need your assistance. Recording is done with Camtasia Software for audio and screen capture. We want Camtasia installed at least 30 minutes before the speaker's laptop is plugged into the VGA cable.

When & Where?

DrupalCamp LA 2014 will be held in the same location as last year, the conference center on the campus of the University of California, Irvine, over the weekend of September 6-7, 2014. The first session will start at 9:00am and the last session should be over by 6:00pm (schedule subject to change). There is ample space in the conference center for sessions, lounging and discussions (with nearby outlets for laptop charging). If you want to stay nearby overnight, we have a list of hotels with discounted rates, some include free shuttle service to UC Irvine.