Mobile apps with Cordova, Ionic Framework and Drupal

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Let's build a mobile app together! We'll use cordova + ionic framework to build our mobile app and a drupal website as our backend data source.

Live coding terrifies me and I'm still debating right now whether this would be more useful as a start from scratch and explain as I build, or build an example app and Drupal site beforehand, then explain what each part does. Please sound off in the comments if you have any insight on what you would rather see. Either way source code for app and drupal site will be posted here for download.

Ionic Framework is a web development platform built on top of AngularJS that makes developing an app more convenient. Drupal is a web content framework(ish) that makes building a web site to do pretty much anything more convenient. I'll be showing you how to marry the two conveniences and use them to build awesome stuff.

Some things we'll go over:
* Angular JS since it plays a large part in Ionic
* Cordova
* Genymotion for Android Emulation
* Xcode for iOS Emulation
* Useful Angular plugins
* Drupal tips to return JSON
* Authentication and the Android back-button issue in cordova apps, since they're webpages you can press the back button and see previous information even after logging out

Code and Development
One hour
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i will be the first to sound off-i vote for start from scratch and explain as you build.

I favor pre-built. I don't doubt you can build something useful and I don't need to see you do it. I do want to know the back story about why you did things the way you did.