Running Effective Meetings

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Doheny Beach CD

If you oversee or are involved in the management of a Drupal agency you'll understand the importance of saving time, cutting costs and increasing efficiencies. Meetings can help or hinder you with this depending on how they are run. If you're like me however you may not always have the best experiences with meetings:

* How do you feel about most of the meetings you attend?
* Do they produce results or tend to waste your time?
* Do you feel like there are too many meetings at your company?
* How well do others value the meetings you lead?

There's an art to running successful meetings. Most of the info in this session comes from the principles taken from Manager Tools and a lot of my personal experience in running meetings over the past 25 years of my career. If you can learn to put these principles into practice, your meeting will be much more successful, you'll have more time to get things done, and you will see a surge in your individual and corporate performance.

Business and Strategy
One hour