Performance for Fun and for Profit

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Pacific Ballroom C

Site performance matters to everyone - site visitors, site owners, and other stakeholders. Today performance alone doesn't suffice, it needs to be connected to and tracked by business outcomes.

Through improved performance:

  • you keep your visitors happy and engaged
  • you achieve higher conversion rates
  • your servers run cooler (or you can use and pay for less)
  • you get better Google page rank

I will present a number of approaches we take at BIZX to improve performance of existing and new sites, and how performance has an impact on user behavior, such as ad click through rates. In particular, I will show how we track, justify and prioritize performance improvements in terms of business objectives.

An early version of this session was presented at SANDcamp 2014 to a standing room-only crowd.
You will most likely find this session in the Performance and Scalability track, although it would just as easily fit into the Business and Strategy or Code and Development tracks, as I am presenting steps we took across the entire stack and business - servers, network, LEMP stack, backend, frontend, metrics of all these, and business planning. There's going to be something for everyone.

Performance and Scalability
One hour